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In 2017, only 24% of members of Parliaments in sub-Saharan Africa were women.

We want more women voting, running and leading our countries.

Vote:Women is a leadership springboard for women to achieve their dreams. We provide a platform for support every step of the way through  capability development, fundraising, and campaign management using innovation, technology and a sense of community. Vote:Women empowers women to follow their ambitions of civic leadership.


VOTE:Women works in each country to create locally-relevant and engaging training content to close the knowledge gap around political participation through in-person workshops, online courses, virtual training and a mentorship programs that pairs aspiring political candidates with experienced mentors.


VOTE:Women assists in fundraising using online/offline technologies such as crowdfunding campaigns that bring in varying amounts of contribution from supporters, family, friends and the general public using a digital distribution mechanism through mobile money, bank accounts, PayPal etc.


VOTE:Women utilizes a combination of traditional and digital tools such as radio programming, social media, SMS and Interactive Voice Response to amplify the campaigns and causes of women candidates. Media as a campaign platform promotes voter mobilization, knowledge regarding political agenda and general civic education.

Let’s elevate African women leaders in 2018.

VOTE:Women, an Initiative of Pollicy